Hidden Coast Paddling Adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I get details about each individual event I am registering for?
    On the Registration Page you will see Details to the right of each event. This is a link to the Details Page for that event. It has the level of difficulty, distance, boat size restrictions, and a brief description.
  2. Why am I unable to complete the payments page after I fill out the Registration Page?
    If you have a problem navigating the PayPal Page, particularly if it will not accept your credit/ debit card, it may be that you have an open personal PayPal account. Apparently PayPal wants you to use your personal PayPal account. If you have this issue, please see the next question.
  3. Do I have to redo the whole registration process and try to pay again?
    No. Once you get to the PayPal Page, your registration selections are locked in whether you successfully navigate the payment page or not. If you are unable to pay by PayPal, send us an email (See “Contact Us” for the address in the navigation bar at the top of the website) and we can send you the information to pay by check. You will have two weeks for us to receive the payment before we erase your registration selections.
  4. Why is the meal plan set up a little differently with each festival?
    The meal plan we decide on is mainly based on the local community’s resources and our budget constraints.
  5. Why does the maximum number of registrants vary annually?
    It is mainly dependent upon the community resources and environmental impact.
  6. Why don’t you shuttle our kayaks to all our different events?
    With up to 10 Paddle events leaving at the same time, in multiple locations, all with up to 10 paddlers, it would require a large fleet of volunteers with trailers and people haulers. Contracting this out would be exorbitant, and not feasible.
  7. Where do the Registration Fee proceeds go?
    Most of the proceeds go into food expenses, other HCPA expenses include venue rentals, equipment rentals, port-a-potty rentals, advertising, printing, website management, and usually a small donation to a local nature organization.
  8. Do any of the Registration Fee proceeds go toward paying the organizers?
    No, the Organizing/Planning Committee, as well as all the Sub-Committees and Paddle Guides and Safety Sweeps are made up of an all-volunteer staff.
  9. Why don’t you have a la carte pricing?
    With so many events, it would be very difficult logistically for the volunteers, not to mention confusing for the registrants to have a tiered pricing arrangement.
  10. Why do some Paddles require a 14’ boat? It seems like some of the Paddles I did last time could have been done with a 12’ boat.
    For the Yankeetown HCPA, we had a 5 person Paddling Committee that decided size restrictions. Each person on the Committee was ACA certified or trained as a Paddle Instructor or Coastal Guide and trained in self and assisted rescues. The Paddles are chosen far in advance of the festival, so we cannot determine the weather. We base our judgements on moderate weather. 14’ boats are generally considered the industry standard entry level boats for open water Paddles. Prior to the Yankeetown HCPA, at each of our previous festivals we had 10 -12’ boats that had to turn back because they could not handle the Paddle. This requires a Safety Sweep to escort them back, and places the remaining Paddlers in an unsafe situation. In addition to weather considerations, a second reason is that prior to the Yankeetown HCPA we had numerous complaints both from paddlers with longer boats having to barely creep along, as well as short boat paddlers saying they were unable to keep up. We felt that this was unfair to both parties. This especially becomes an issue on our lengthier Paddles. We also have Insurance, and Corporate Safety Guidelines to follow. Remember, everyone’s safety is our primary concern.
  11. What if I don’t have an appropriate kayak?
    We usually have at least one local kayak shop working closely with each HCPA. That information is usually on the registration page. Please make sure the shop understands your rental needs. Most will not shuttle your kayak to your various Paddles,. You will most likely have to shuttle your kayak on your own, or a friend’s vehicle.
  12. What is your Cancellation/Refund Policy?
    In the event that the annual Hidden Coast Paddling Adventure must be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizers, for example, but not limited to, an approaching tropical storm, hurricane, or high winds; due to the HCPA expenses incurred during its planning, there will be no refund of the registration fee.. There will be no refunds for personal cancellations after 14 days before the HCPA. Individual cancellations prior to that time period will be handled on a case by case basis.